Declutter the Home & Declutter the Mind

I’m often get asked for my about how to de-clutter and organise your home.

My advice is that organisation is quite simple – small tasks applied daily is actually all you really need to keep your home and life in order.

When we look at a pile of clutter we often panic and think it is almost impossible to break through, but the reality is if we break the larger pile into smaller piles, we slowly sort and chip away at the problem.

Start small people it is completely doable.

Make a list and check it twice

These days we are fortunate enough to have our lists in the palm of our hands – literally!

Our phones are a great tool for storing lists (our phones seem to be glued to many of us these days so this should make list making very assessable at most times of the day)

Create separate calendar categories within your calendar and write notes under each relevant heading.

Living the Simple Life

Is there really a need for four boxes of tea and three different kinds of coffee to be sprawled across your kitchen benchtop on display?

Choose your favourites and keep it handy, store the others in a cupboard as close to your kettle as possible.

Now where do you live?

As soon as you’re finished brushing your teeth, return the toothbrush and toothpaste to its allocated area.

It’s the little things that we leave around the home that add to a large amount of clutter building up.

The most insignificant of things all contribute over the days and weeks to clutter and dis-organisation which is avoidable.

Routinely make change

Let’s be honest, no one enjoys housework (I definitely do not) or spending hours decluttering our homes. By creating small daily routines you’ll have less chores to do on your weekend freeing up more time to be spent with the ones that you love or doing the things that you are most passionate about, taking those extra couple of hours to even just be. If you break down your chores per day your Saturdays will not be devoted to hours of ironing or cleaning and building frustration and stress.

Get your suitcase ready

Unfortunately this is not for the purpose of a holiday (just yet). Packing a suitcase can help you to declutter your wardrobe. Separate your clothes into summer and winter piles.

Neatly fold and store your unrequired seasonal clothes into your suitcase and instantly create more space in your wardrobe.

Have that quarterly spring clean, get some girlfriends over and donate what you do not need any longer require.

Get ruthless, you will not look back trust me.

Storing away is not throwing away

Pretend for a moment you are moving house.  The first step that you would take would be to purchase large boxes and start neatly packing and labelling them along the way, organised right?!

You then stack and dispose of them as necessary. The same method should be applied to your home.

Except you are using smaller boxes. Stack and store the items you don’t really need to have on hand within your home.

Never put of until tomorrow what you can do today

Most of us tend to leave a small pile of dishes on the sink or neglect to hang our clothes before we go to bed at night(guilty)

The reality is that these small neglected daily tasks are what usually cause a huge amount of clutter at the end of the week.

Does it really take more than five minutes to clear the sink of dishes or put your clothes in your drawer?

Wake up to a neatly organised house without carrying yesterday’s weight.

You will be so glad you did. Your day will begin with clarity, focus and a sigh of satisfaction.

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