Interior Design and Property Styling Services


General Styling

So you have completed your DIY project and now you have a space that needs to be filled, but you have no idea where to start?  We can style your finished project to show you how it was designed to look.

Pre-sale Styling

Pre-sale styling can assist dramatically with the sale of your home.  If you want your home to feature at its best but don’t know where to start, leave it to us. A well thought out design plan and execution evoked desire and emotion in the buyer.  We have a range of styling packages available to suit all spaces.


Colour Consulting

Confused about colour? Ever walked into a paint store and become completely overwhelmed by choice that you just left feeling disheartened?  We can help you choose the perfect one.  A wide selection of colour references in various brands are available to assist with this decision along with our professional advice.

Wild Tribe Designs Interior Design can assist with all selections from materials for your new kitchen or bathroom, to upholstery, furnishings and furniture pieces.  We can order, purchase and arrange trade professionals where needed. Think of us as the project managers for your Design needs.

Not only can we create exciting concepts for your project, we offer our clients mood and material boards to help you visualise the concept and a detailed drawing of the space.

Interior Design

We offer an initial interior design consultation where we allow anywhere up to two hours to discuss your project.

Within this time we will discuss your ideas, dreams, wants, needs, visions and how you would like your family to flow within this space.

After we acquire the information needed , we will the offer a visual aid (concept vision board) to create a visual snapshot for the space in question.

We work on a hourly rate which can be discussed within your initial consultation or via email communication.

Project pricing and packages are available upon completion of your consultation.

Please feel free to call or email us for a chat about your project.

We cant wait to hear from you .



How much will property styling cost us?

Price is ultimately dependent on your property size, the number of living areas and the furniture and furnishings that are required. Our consultation/quote will identify that.  
Property styling is all about your return on investment. Sale prices of properties that are sold styled by professionals can fetch anywhere up to 12% more then the initial quoted price.  

It is advised that you contact us to arrange a personalised quote for your property.

How long is the hire campaign for?

The average hire campaign is 5 weeks, this is our minimum. This allows for 1 week of photography and a 4 week sale campaign. Your contract may be extended on a weekly basis if needed.

Can I utilise some of my own furniture?

If you have a special piece or a few pieces that you just do not want to part with from your space for this project then we can certainly accommodate for that, though we do prefer that the property be somewhat cleared and a blank canvas to ensure we deliver a premium quality finish for your property and the very best design aesthetic possible.

What are your payment terms?

Payment upfront is required before any commencement of works.  
Some special arrangements are sometimes possible though.

How much time should I allow for this process?

We recommend approx. 2 weeks prior to campaign/ styling before commencement of works.