Newcastle Sunday Feature Article

A few weeks ago I had the fortunate opportunity of being contacted by the journalist of the “Newcastle Sunday” weekly newspaper to have a feature article written on me and my journey and evolution as an interior designer and stylist in my own creative space/home.

This article features all of the things that inspire and drive me everyday in my approach to not only designing but my life in general.  I feel there is no stop/start for me – from my design approach to the way I choose to live my life and the people and things that I surround myself with.

My design approach revolves heavily around the use of nature and its effortless and perfect colour palette. Everything else builds from this.

I like to incorporate natural elements to all of my design projects as it undoubtedly brings an organic sense of calm, connection and fluidity to the surrounds.

The things I love are; rustic finishes, textures, woven fabrics, rattan, chunky knits, timber, driftwood, whites, natural stone, over-sized art and of course “Greenery” and lots of it!

My personal style is what I would call a mix between organic coastal and eclectic.

I love things that should not typically be paired together, but in an odd obscure way actually work. I like to push the envelope a little with design and think outside the box!

This article is something that I am very proud of and am very grateful to the amazing journalist, Melissa McGill , who has now also become a good friend.

Opportunities like this don’t arise often, so I am blessed to have this moment in the spotlight. I have so many cool, exciting and quirky plans ahead for Wild Tribe Designs so stay tuned!  Come walk with me on the wilder side of life.

Krystal x


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